Getting Started with Home Care

It can be tricky to know what types of and just how much care giving may be required for your loved one. The best way to ensure the highest level of quality care and to understand costs is to meet with an M&Y Care specialist to discuss your situation. This meeting will provide a detailed review of the care needed, a schedule for providing that care, and offer an opportunity for family members to get answers to any questions. Here is an example of typical discussion topics covered in this meeting:

  • Specific physical needs of the care recipient with regards to bathing and grooming, dressing, meals and diet, mobility, and incontinence
  • Reviewing schedules involving sleep, eating and medication
  • Emotional needs such as social interaction, activities, conversation, and companionship
  • What assistance is required with homemaking such as preparation of meals, groceries, linens, laundry, and light housekeeping
  • Access to the home, documentation, and how to work with scheduling changes
  • Cost and insurance coverage

Once you choose to proceed, our care specialist will create a complete plan that will also include input from your physician or medical team, which will outline how effective and affordable care can be achieved for your loved one.